sâmbătă, 16 februarie 2013

RIP Bicu!

RIP Bicu!

Nimeni nu traieste vesnic, totusi ma gandesc..de ce el, si cum asa?
Where did i go wrong along the way?

Departe..ultimul drum si eu aici...mii de km departare..
Life sucks!

"Sti bancul cu iarna?"
"Iar n'am bani :)) " zicea...

luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

It's you again!

I hate you for opening my eyes and see the truth..but it made me stronger after time and I love you for that...haven't cried since then, which is good in a robotized kind of way, isn't it?...
Growing each day throughout experiences, I cought myself losing feelings, replacing the blanks with policy and procedure lines, deeper, until I couldn't make a difference anymore.
Most amazing thing is that only you...can change this...

Until then I'll just be here, far away, listening to lame songs and being sad from time to time. There! I've said it!